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"Laundry Services designed for the Student's budget & busy lifestyle" 
Do you lack TIME or DESIRE when laundry time comes?
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"There were a few times during the semester when I had so many other things to do that laundry wasn't even on my mind. I had access to a washer and dryer in my building, but the convenience of having someone else do it is so much easier. I didn't even have to think about it, except be at my apartment when it was picked up and delivered. Student Valet was definitely a lifesaver!"
-- Sarah
   Media Studies
Well, let US do all of the work for you!  We will pick-up and drop-off your laundry!

At The Student Valet our laundry and dry cleaning services are geared to the busy schedule and limited budget of today's college student.

At Student Valet we understand that on any college campus, time and money are at a premium. Campus life is hectic, class schedules demanding, homework overwhelming and, of course, you still want to spend time with your friends and go out.

With all of this, it can be difficult at best to find the time to do your laundry.  It can be especially trying when you have to wait in line to use a machine that hardly works and charges you an arm and a leg.  That's where we come in!

The Student Valet will professionally wash, dry and fold your dirty laundry.  As an added convenience, the Student Valet will pick-up and drop-off your clean clothing to your door the very next day in clean laundry bags designed and provided especially for you.  It’s easy, convenient and it allows you time to do anything else besides watch your clothes dry and match your socks!
Because your Mom’s not here…we do laundry!!!